Sobha Limited

SOBHA Limited encapsulates "energy at work" in its entirety.

Basically, this implies that we don't compromise towards making best-in-class items. Our work rotates around making 'quality' with tremendous enthusiasm like Mr. Menon himself - the manufacturer professional, who upset the manner in which individuals see the quality in the realty area.

Our history of being the most dependable and reliable manufacturer with a collection of grant-winning properties across India justifies itself. We changed the horizon in Bangalore, made milestone advancements in Kerala, and have ventured into Delhi - NCR, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mysore, Pune, and a lot more to follow.

As we peep into the future, we remain immovably dedicated to making metropolitan residing spaces where individuals can reside, work and play brilliantly.

We are intensely aware of the way that because of fast urbanization, there are colossal difficulties, and as dependable land players we will keep on giving smart arrangements in a way that is practical. We depend on our kin, their abilities to develop, and their utilization of innovation to make a massive incentive for every one of our partners. We will keep on increasing present expectations and set new principles in the business to reinforce this objective of our own.

Our logo has been planned insightfully to such an extent that it catches and radiates every one of the intrinsic components of idealism, energy, balance, flawlessness, enthusiasm, utilization of innovation, or more all character that our organization represents. Our logo represents the organization's credits and enriches us with a particular visual picture that is near the standards of the Golden Rectangle, said to be stylish from the Pythagorean time.

Assuming one gander at the components of our logo, it is obviously apparent that the rectangular logo extents address 'Equilibrium'. The yellow foundation means 'Energy and Optimism'. The dark spots address best-in-class innovation utilized to accomplish 'Progress' lastly, the red speck is emblematic of being 'Propitious' and addresses the 'Zenith of Success'.Through predictable utilization of our image personality, we express our inborn characteristics completely and make an effective Group picture. This without a doubt, improves our corporate profile among all our inward and outside partners consistently.

Our logo subsequently addresses the actual soul of our corporate substance and signs the normal qualities and convictions that direct our conduct and the way we behave. It ingrains a feeling of colossal pride, solidarity and belongingness in every one of our 10,000 tough individuals inside the folds of the Group. Our logo is our personality to the world outside.

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